Physicals & Tests

WellFast offers a menu of physicals, labs, tests and immunizations to meet your specific needs. From simple sports/school/camp physicals and drug screens to more in-depth pre-employment, wellness, civilian pre-deployment and DOT exams, we provide a convenient, one-stop solution.

DOT Physical Exam

A physical exam required by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for the licensing of all commercial vehicle drivers. Samples are collected by our DATIA-certified collectors and the physical is conducted by our NRCME certified examiners. Audiometry, spirometry , and basic labs are performed in house as needed. Our staff has a thorough understanding of the DOT requirements 49 CFR 391.41 and will be happy to work with your company to meet your needs. Drivers who are successfully certified or re-certified will receive a certification card. Call (580) 357-4200 for your link to register online with your personal information. This will make the process faster for you when you arrive for the appointment OR walk-in.

Please note that supporting documentation from PCP or Specialists addressing management, treatment and control of existing conditions (including waivers, exemptions and SPEs) must be furnished at the time of exam. Documentation should conform to guidelines and protocols established by FMCSA. Documentation should conform to guidelines and protocols established by FMCSA available here. Please contact the clinic if you have any questions.

Please call to schedule.

Pre-Employment Physical Exam

Used as a tool to obtain and evaluate a prospective or new employee’s health history, this comprehensive physical evaluation is designed to assess a person’s physical fitness according to a specific set of job requirements. This type of exam includes a thorough past medical history, lifestyle review, past worker’s comp/disabilities history and any additional screening tests required by the employer. It may include standard urine drug screen, Chest X-ray, EKG, routine lab and immunization titers, TB skin test, Audiometric (hearing) test, Color vision testing, all of which can be performed at our clinic with rapid turn-around times. We can use our customized exam form or the employer’s exam form for documentation.

School/Sports/Camp Physical (K-12 and Adult)

A basic exam required for participation in a school, sport, or summer camp activity including Boy Scouts. Does not include specific labs or tests.

Please note that payment for all physicals is due in full at the time of service. No insurance will be filed.

Labs & Tests


  • CBC, CMP/BMP, Lipid profile, and urinalysis done on site with immediate turn around times.
  • Immunization Titers, ABO/Rh, and other serology tests are sent out. Blood samples are drawn and collected on site. Turnaround times depend on the nature of the test ordered. Samples can be processed at our reference lab or at one of your choosing.
Additional specific labs can be done upon request.

Drug Screens:

  • Hair Follicle Drug Test
  • Breath Alcohol test
  • 12 panel rapid urine drug screen done in-house. Immediate results.
  • 10 panel urine drug screen send out. Urine sample is collected in-house by our DATIA-certified collectors and sent to a certified lab for processing and reading. Results are reported by an MRO, usually within 24-48 hours.
We can customize your results reporting procedure to fit your needs. In addition, we can also serve strictly as a collection site and will send the sample to a lab of your choice for processing.

Man getting tests done by doctor image


  • Audiometry: 500 – 8000dB, 4, 6, and 8 frequencies as required. Performed with ANSI standard compliant hearing booth and audiometer by CAOHC certified technicians.
  • EKGs are done and read in-house during same visit
  • Mask Fitting Test, including Respiratory Fitness Questionnaire (RFQ)
  • Spirometry (NIOSH Certified Technician)
  • TB tests
    • T-SPOT.TB test: IGRA (Interferon-Gamma Release Assay) based, blood sample collected in clinic,results reported electronically within 36 hours, 1 clinic visit
    • Tuberculin skin test (PPD): Injection into skin, administered and read in-house within 72 hours, requires 2 clinic visits
  • Vision Tests: far and near vision evaluation (Titmus V2), stereo depth perception, and Ishihara/Pseudoisochromatic color test (14 and 24 plates)
  • X-Rays (digital radiology system)
  • Crystalline Silica Exposure Exam, meets OSHA Standard 29CFR1926.1153
    • Focused Exam
    • Chest X-ray with B read
    • Mask Fitting Test, including Respiratory Fitness Questionnaire
    • T-Spot.TB test
    • Pulmonary Function Test/Spirometry (NIOSH Certified Technician)
    • Results provided to employer & employee following HIPAA & OSHA guidelines


  • TDap
  • Hepatitis B
  • Flu
We will arrange for special immunizations upon request.

Annual Wellness Exam

A comprehensive physical evaluation designed to determine current health status and to screen for health risks such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, weight imbalance, high cholesterol/lipids among others. It includes a thorough past medical history and lifestyle review and discussion of required additional tests, appropriate treatment options or referrals. A variety of optional tests are available to be ordered according to each patient’s needs and complexity of the exam.

Civilian Pre-Deployment Physical Exam

A required comprehensive physical exam for civilian contract workers who will be deployed overseas to work alongside the US military. This exam usually includes a comprehensive battery of lab tests according to specific requirements, chest X rays, EKG, PPD/TB test, audiometry, color vision testing, and immunizations.